About Us

As one of the most popular local companies in Lebanon, Al Arabi Soap Factory has always been a pioneer for advancement and innovation. Al Arabi Soap Factory, most commonly known as Arabi, is a family business entity established in 1935 by the late Mohammad Al Arabi Kalo. With more than nine decades of agricultural techniques and manufacturing expertise, we have gained a tacit knowledge that we could utilize to develop our core competencies and create our unique culture. Our proficiency at Al Arabi Soap Factory had made us a one of a kind source for providing the most out of traditional health-friendly products.

Located in Saida, South Lebanon, near Sainik Bridge along Maarouf Saad Boulevard, Al Arabi Soap Factory has its warehouse ranging from about 4000 of meter squares. It specializes in manufacturing all kinds of health-friendly products ranging from hand and bath soaps, to laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and disinfectant products, besides of course, our exceptional virgin pure olive oil.


Continuously aiming to sustain our leading place as an incomparable sole manufacturer of local vigorous products, so as for traditional Lebanese purity to resonate with Al Arabi Soap Factory.


We seek a continuous commitment toward maximizing investment of traditional pure soil production to manufacture everlasting health-friendly products, and always at most convenient prices. We seek purity, and we never compromise quality for profit.

Why Al Arabi Products

As a mixture of a beneficial old and new, arising from healthy skin products, and the traditional bath perception, Al Arabi Soap Factory has keenly developed products to enhance traditional healthy consumption, while extremely considering a vigor delicate and healthy skin.

Production of olive oil, exclusively in the Eastern Mediterranean, is traced back to ancient city of Ebla, located near Aleppo, and an area consisting of present-day Palestine, Lebanon, and dated about 2600 BC. Historical documents described those regions as lands of the royals; where olive oil was an important item of commerce and wealth.

Olive oil, and besides food, has been largely used for religious rituals and medicines, also as a fuel and a basic element in soap making and skin care application. Until this very day, many ancient olive oil presses still exist in the Eastern Mediterranean region, and some dating to the Roman period are still in use today!

Ranging from hand and bath soaps, to laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and disinfectant products, besides of course, our exceptional virgin pure olive oil, Al Arabi Soap Factory produces the best of processed goods delivered to you skillfully at most convenient prices.

Our Words for Corporate Responsibility

At Al Arabi Soap Factory, we demonstrate accordance with ethical and social responsibility standards and a top consideration to maintain stakeholders’ best interests. As from this perspective, we have sought rigid environmental and clinical standards that would guarantee ethical corporate behavior as well as Green Management ideals. We promise a continuous earnest commitment toward customers and the environment in which we operate.